Collection: Shower Steamers


Essential oils have been used in steam rooms and saunas for relief of stress for thousands of years. recovery. Our shower steamers are made using these same types of essential oils. Which has the same effect as they dissolve in your shower. Using essential oils in shower steamers can help relieve nasal congestion, winter allergies, cold symptoms, calm you down, relieve stress, & wake you up in the morning.

A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for your shower. As the water ignites the fizz and bubbles, it releases an amazing scent while you shower. No expensive Spa required. 

Shower Steamers are sold individually, or in same scent packs of 5

How to Use: Place one steamer on the ledge or shelf of shower where water can get to it. The more the water hits the steamer, the more the aroma will lift into the air and the steam and into the shower. In order to feel the best benefits of your steamer DO NOT place on drain or in direct contact with water it will dissolve too quickly. 

THESE ARE FOR USE IN SHOWERS ONLY! Steamers are not bath bombs and are not meant for the tub. Store in a cool dark place. Please use our shower steamers within 3 months.


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