Candle Testers

Thank you for visiting. If you'd like to be a candle tester, these are the instructions:


You will be given 2 sheets.

One with instructions on how to test your Candle. I also have a page for care of your soy candle (click here)

The second sheet is the written part of the candle testing. It's really pretty simple. But if you're going to test, you need to keep up on the candle tester sheet!


If this seems like something you'd like to do, please email me 


Here's the instructions:

  1. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch. Check Cold Throw* before lighting
  2. Place the candle on a clean, flat, heat resistant. This area should be clearly visible from your work space as the candles must not be left unattended while lit. Make sure there aren't any ceiling fans or a draft. This will cause an uneven melt pool** Please note if it is a large or small room. TAKE A PICTURE or VIDEO
  3. Light the candles and record the time. It is critical to keep an eye on the candles while they are burning especially when testing new wicks, new fragrances, and new vessels***.
  4. After 2 hours, record the details of the melt pool** and wick appearance. Ideally the melt pool will achieve the desired diameter by that point (hitting the edge or close to it). If it hasn't, the wick is most likely too small. Also log Scent Throw* TAKE A PICTURE or VIDEO
  5. After 4 hours record the details of the melt pool** and wick, then gently blow out the flame. At this point the melt pool** of a well wicked candle will have achieved the desired diameter and should be approximately 1/2 inch deep. If the wick is mushrooming, the candle is sooting, or the melt pool** is substantially deeper than 1/2 inch the wick is most likely too large. Also log Scent Throw at this point. TAKE A PICTURE or VIDEO
  6. Allow the candle to cool for at least 5 hours and repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 until the candle is completely burned. The quality of burn will almost always change during the entire burning of the candle. TAKE A PICTURE or VIDEO

Please refer to 

This will go into complete detail on how to care for your soy candle!! 


*THROW - Smell of Candle before burning of Candle - “Cold Throw” refers to how a candle smells before it has been lit. This is that first impression you get when you take the lid off of one of our candles and the fragrance comes floating out. “Hot Throw” refers to how a candle smells while it is lit. This is what fills a room with your favorite fragrance.

**MELT POOL - The melted wax of a burning candle is called the melt pool. It's important that you allow a full edge to edge melt pool to form in the container the first time you burn your candle.

***VESSEL - These are jars or containers that you use as a base for your candles