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Foaming Shaving soap is a light and fluffy soap that is used to produce lather with a shaving brush. The lather it produces is used to coat the face during shaving, softening the hair in preparation for shaving. While shaving soap produces plenty of dense and long-lasting lather, its use in modern times is less widespread and has been overtaken by various types of shaving cream.

Foaming Shaving Soaps are generally much easier to use than the more traditional soaps, just rub the cream on your face to generate the lather you desire, and get shaving. The lather generated from a shave soap is much thicker and more luxurious if done properly, and a shave soap will last much longer than a tub of cream.

You should consider using a shaving soap for the following reasons:

  1. Shaving soap softens and lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave.
  2. Shaving soap offers extra glide, lubrication and protection to the skin from irritation and razor burn.

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