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Honey & Lavender Foaming Face Wash

Honey & Lavender Foaming Face Wash

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Honey & Lavender Foaming Face Wash. With its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying benefits, Lavender Essential Oil can help reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin and rapidly heal minor cuts and scrapes, as well as any rashes. We also have a Orange & Raw Honey Foaming Face Wash.

8 oz

Our handmade foaming face wash contains Distilled water, *Honey, Pure Castile Soap, Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, & Optiphen

*Honey color ranges from nearly colorless to dark brown, and its flavor varies from delectably mild to distinctively bold, depending on where the honey bees buzzed. As a general rule, light-colored honey is milder in taste and dark-colored honey is stronger. Light to Dark, all honey has the same effect in this facewash

Directions: We don't put any synthetic ingredients or emulsify our face wash, so you will notice some separation. Please SHAKE WELL before use. One - Two pumps is all it takes. Gently massage onto your face & neck to cleanse away grime, dirt, and makeup. Please use caution when washing around your eyes. Rinse with warm water.


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